The Soul's Driving Force


The soul comes out in rare moments when we are safe enough to relax and the DMN is asleep or has its guard down.

But the mind goes: “you should be grateful to have that job, to be married at all quit complaining.”

Instead of accepting the fact that we are unhappy, we keep… a form of toughening or deadening inside…

It’s a constant battle, this one. 

I remember when I realized this battle was going on, and I had my first psychedelic experience which brought the soul to clarity, I told my friends, I know these two parts of me well, and they are both fighting for control of my brain, and I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know who will win: my soul or my ego. It could go either way. I’m rooting for my soul of course, but the ego, damn, the ego is strong, is pushy, is so imprinted in my psyche, it has so much control that I have to admit that it could continue to run the show for the rest of my life. The struggle is real!

And in that tension is where’s at.

That tension is what matters!

To take a stand for soul.

To no longer betray her.

to not let the ego (the conditioning from society)

win over the expression that was trusted into your care.
An expression that only you have it.

It doesn’t have to be a fight. 

I don’t like going to war with myself. But it’s the most important tension in my life, the one that deserves my energy and attention.

It’s all about advocating for soul.


Inspiration: you feel the soul’s resonance


Living out of alignment with our truth, our core, with that which we were born to express

Getting back into alignment

Choosing to keep the ego and its resistance to the side

We instead choose to explore what lives underground; the longing for adventure …until the kids grew up, or for when things are not so busy…

Exploration, and the exploration doesn’t happen with the mind… we need to calm DMN for us to access these other parts.


I don’t know your soul, but mine speaks in grunts mostly.




Repressed expression
What is out of alignment with soul and our truest expression
Aligned with what you are born to express
Honoring that which you came here to expressUnlocking your unique expression
That which you are driven to express
“What the universe is holding in trust in you.”
Shit, meaning the universe trusts that you can express this
You feel the current moving through you
To be in service to your individual expression

The ego gets in the way; doesn’t let me be in FLOW.
The hips are not respectable
Now, don’t blame my ego;
I was made to feel ashamed for moving my hips
The ego was doing its thing protecting me

“I’m not what is DONE to me
I am what was MADE for me”
Gravity is the souls desire: purest expression
The terrain is the relationship to the self

A desire written in the nucleus

“In truth, water’s flow is at the mercy of both gravity and terrain. In this case, gravity is your soul’s desire (purest expression) and terrain is your sole connection (relationship with self). Gravity, via a desire to express, pulls water toward it and works in conjunction with its flow. Terrain, via the status of the relationship with self, determines water’s path and dictates its speed of flow, or depth of stagnation.”

How you break free?
Quieting the default mode network
The mind with the plan that suffocates
You do that with flow
Or psychedelics

Here is the way
I see everything about being human and
About living life as the free sovereign beings we are.
It begins at the moment of your conception
When a particular DNA code was imprinted in you
I like to think of it like legos
A sequence of DNA code 🧬
that make you you!
At that moment,
Mother Nature (or natural selection) rolled up its sleeves and picked from a wide pool of ancestral
Most of the Code is about being human; two legs, two arms, a head…
But there are some unique traits to you: skin tone, eyes, hair
And also, natural traits in our personalities:

A unique expression nature trusted in you
Deep In your body
Deep in your dna code

some of us have this drive inside of us, some of us have this love, some of us have this capacity to simply put people are ease… things we inherited from our ancestors not at random

You are a design of Nature
Nature doing what nature does

I feel like my work here is to bring people from the bottom of yhr ANS ladder to the top.
We can do that by exploring wounds
What becomes the ego
What turns your soul on?
What brings you to rest and digest?

My kids are not mine
Nature created them
Nature designed them
It’s my role to protect them for 18, to keep that seed as intact as possible so that they can express what nature imprinted on them.

“It’s often said that humans are 99.9% identical. and what makes us unique is a measly 0.1% of our genome. This may seem insignificant. But what these declarations fail to point out is that the human genome is made up of three billion base pairs—which means 0.1% is still equal to three million base pairs.
In those three million differences lie the changes that give you red hair instead of blonde, or green eyes instead of blue. You can find changes that increase your risk of obesity, or others that decrease your risk of heart disease; differences that make you taller or lactose intolerant, or allow you to run faster.”

“Human DNA is 99.9% identical from person to person. Although 0.1% difference doesn’t sound like a lot, it actually represents millions of different locations within the genome where variation can occur, equating to a breathtakingly large number of potentially unique DNA sequences. But how can nearly everyone have a unique DNA sequence if we inherit our DNA from our parents? Wouldn’t it stand to reason that our DNA is the same as theirs? In short, the answer is no.”

(Meaning you did something amazing for all of us!)
The Champion
(Takes on big challenges that came their way and wins!

My whole life basically, has been one big challenge after another
and I’m tired of fighting but this pattern saved me, this pattern brought me all the way to here!)

and I’m exhausted and ready to drop that pattern (which is a huge chunk of my ego). I feel is leaving me.
There’s been a war all my life!
But the war is over!
The loyal soldier can retire.
This is a time of peace
At last!




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