the journey

of soul liberation


 “The Journey of Soul Liberation”
is a journey that many humans around the world
and throughout the centuries have embarked on.

It’s been called by many names:

the Journey of Soul Retrieval
The Hero’s Journey
The Process of Self-Realization
 (or Self-Actualization or Individuation.)

It’s the human journey toward living 
according to one’s true nature,
when a person frees themself
from the suffocating boundaries of the ego.

It’s the courageous journey
of breaking free from damaging social conditioning. 

the journey

to Freedom

The journey to freedom is not an easy journey
however, on the other side, awaits everything we want.

For instance: 

This is what the Daoists call ‘Wu-Wei’:
a way of being that embraces flow
instead of pushing/forcing.

It’s like moving with
‘The Force.’

Life becomes much more effortless.

Our “work” flows.
It emerges, naturally, effortlessly.

You see this naturalness in some people.
There’s a naturalness in their actions;
they make a difficult task
seem as easy as breathing!

That’s what I’m talking about!

I (who have been a free spirit most of my life)
can say that this is the ultimate freedom;
this is what I believe most of us are after.

But another beautiful thing
also happens when we get here.
(or another of the many beautiful things) 

Remember the feeling of being pulled
in two separate directions:
authenticity and attachment?

That pull stops now.

You no longer have to sacrifice one for the other. 

This is the moment when two of our deepest human longings meet:
our need to be true to our core and our need to be loved,
to be accepted, to belong to a soul-like community.

It feels like a homecoming to the human soul, the most beautiful thing!

But it’s a heroic journey to get there,
for some of us at least!

the nervous system

This process is about living in alignment
with our nervous system.

From this perspective, we
do not push our nervous system to do anything
that will cause it harm.

We do not mistreat the autonomic nervous system (ANS).
On the contrary, we befriend the nervous system.

In fact, since it is ANS who is running our psychology and physiology,
We respect and honor it.

Abusing the nervous system
is what the colonial patriarchal systems
have made us do.

In so many ways,
we have sold our souls to capitalism.
It’s shocking how our nervous systems
have paid the price of our pushing and hustling;
of  not listening to its ancient wisdom.

I know that I personally committed
serious violence against my nervous system.
And yes, I was part of systems of oppression
that caused tremendous violence to my nervous system.

ANS tried to warn me
time and time again,
but this culture doesn’t teach us
to listen to our nervous systems.
It teaches us to push and hustle and harm ourselves.

And we now know what happens when
we don’t listen to the nervous system;
it eventually shut us down. We go into clinical depression.
Because the body can only tolerate so much stress and anxiety,
eventually the system is shut down!

So many of us feel humbled when we find ourselves
at the bottom of the autonomic nervous system ladder,
in the freeze/shut down/immobilization zone.

Some cultures around the world have called this
“the underworld,” where depression and shame live…

In the underworld you fight monsters 
when you have no energy to fight them.
These “monsters” (in the form of anxiety, shame, despair)
 feel like they are consuming you; and it can last for months or years.
The underworld is a terrible place!

It pains me to know how many people
live in the underworld.

Sometimes, however, 
the underworld can be a rite of passage; 
as ancient stories tell us,
and what modern science also confirms; 
it is possible to come out from the underworld victoriously.

Not only that, we often come out with a new perspective,  
a renewed energy, a new purpose,
new teachings, and new medicines to give to the world!!!

That’s the journey of Soul Liberation, the way I see it.

That’s my philosophy on being human,
on healing and wholing our souls,
and of embodying ancestral wisdom
that has not been touched
by the current systems of domination in our society.

I write, speak, teach, and coach on this process:
its stages, the developmental wounds, the patterns,
how they impact the nervous system,
as well as the tools to heal, whole, and liberate our psyches/bodies/lives…

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