Transformational Coaching

A 6-month Journey of Healing and Transformation

Beautiful soul:
I'm excited to invite you on a six-month journey,
of healing and wholeness.

Since I don't believe that one session is enough for true healing
and transformation to happen,
I offer extended support for people,
where we develop a deep relationship of trust and support
for guidance/ coaching/mentorship.

While one session can be magical,
filled with realizations and clarity
(a peak experience of sorts!)
the real healing, the real change
happens in the continued work we do together,
in recognizing and changing your patterns,
in learning to regulate your nervous system
in feeling safe in your own body...

During the duration of this mentorship program
I guide you through various mystical journeys of
rediscovering your true (healthy) self
and relaxing into your true nature.

Each plant medicine journey is personalized,
and your wellbeing is centered.
The focus is on you!

I also guide you through the process of integrating
these lessons into your life,
for you to embody your new wisdom. 

Each of us has habitual patterns
(thinking patterns and feeling patterns),
which are essentially programs that are running our lives.
Think of the brain as the hardware
and these thinking and feeling patterns are the software.  

The combination of plant medicines
and the 1:1 coaching allows the person
to see their patterns clearly;
we see how these patterns are sabotaging our best efforts;
and, since plant medicines increase neurogenesis
(the generation of new neurons or brain cells)
we are then able to use these new neurons
to reprogram the brain to think/act in alignment
with our true/healthy self.

That's how real healing and transformation happens!
if you long for freedom and expansion
if you long for authentic self-expression
if you want to love and accept yourself
if you want to live more in the temple of your body
if you want to "come HOME through the senses"
if you want to learn about exquisite boundaries
if you want to reclaim the fire in your belly;
if you want to come back to LIFE
this is the journey toward living in alignment
with your soul and your nervous system.

Here’s what I want you for you,
sweet soul reading this: 
I want you to know that you are a free
sovereign being;
that you have autonomy and power. 

Do you feel that in your gut? I hope you do!

This society does not teach women to feel the power in our core, or even to honor the qualities that Mother Nature entrusted in us, such as softness, gentleness, beauty, love, inclusivity, compassion, intuition, radiance, sensuality, and delicious embodied spirituality…

When we honor, cultivate, and embody
these nurturing/generative qualities within us,
and when we place the necessary boundaries
we get to live in harmony with ourselves and with Mother Nature,
who gifted us these qualities
who entrusted these qualities in us:
these gifts of love, kindness, generosity, compassion,
an open-heart, intuition...

Living in alignment with our nature,
is the secret to health, wellness, peace,
and living a life of purpose, in service of Beauty
("the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.")

I create magical,
safe & sacred containers
for healing, wholeness, & Soul-Liberation work.

My methodology is inspired
by ancient ancestral healing modalities,
Jungian analytical psychology,
psycho/neuro-programming (neuroplasticity),
somatic experiencing,
and other holistic modalities that incorporate
mind, body, and soul.

We will center the wisdom of your body.
We will ask your nervous system for guidance,
since the nervous system is the foundation
of our health, vitality, joy, peace,
career, relationships, and
everything you long for (and need!) in life.

We also incorporate:
plant medicines from:
Creativity and Play to

Techniques from neuroscience for

When You and I Work Together You Will:

:: Become intimate with your nervous system and discover how much about your health is rooted in feeling safe in your body.
:: Discover what activates the aliveness within.
:: You will learn how to create exquisite boundaries to protect your sovereignty, your love, your energy, your lifeforce, your joy.
:: You will identify resources that keep you feeling safe as well as  anchors that keep you grounded.
:: You will begin to cultivate an unshakable core of strength, peace, & inner knowing.
:: You will start to experience life with all your senses. 
:: You will come HOME (to the core of you) through your senses.
:: You will learn about nature’s healing powers with plants, herbs, etc.
:: You will learn to welcome the breath of life into your being.
:: You will practice exercises to energize the body and feel your vital life force running through your system.
:: And you will be intentional about cultivating/activating the LOVE in your life, as a devotional practice.


I charge $150 per hour and can customize this mentoring program to fit your needs/budget.
I can guide you in person (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
or via Zoom.
Book a Clarity Call to discuss further.



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