I invite you into the ancient art of ceremony,
to experience the transcendent, the divine within,
and the oneness in nature.
These private and small-group ceremonies are designed
to support you in reconnecting with yourself, your purpose, & your community.
You are invited to break free from the somatic and behavioral patterns that are holding you back.

Each ceremony is a deeply sacred and magical experience;
we follow the way of the divine feminine 
which is gentle and fully accepting of our humanity. 

Empathy, trust, and acceptance are highly valued and embodied here.
This is a container for deep personal and spiritual transformation
that will help you find clarity and direction in life
and will also teach you how to be more present, 
savoring the deliciousness of the present moment.

I open the doors of my sacred space 
and invite you on a journey of profound
self exploration & discovery.

In this safe and sacred space, I use ancestral healing modalities combined with:

• deep soulful listening
• emotional release
• somatic practices
• breathwork
• coaching/mentorship
• plant medicine integration


First, book a Clarity Call (which takes place via Zoom)
to make sure that all your questions are answered
and to make sure that we are a good fit to work together.
A big part of this work is trust and resonance.

I provide you with everything you might need
from tea to fresh fruit, yoga mats, pillows, and blankets to create a cozy "nest"...
But feel free to bring anything that is grounding or comforting for you.

Together we will create a safe, sacred, & magical container
where you can simply let go;
feeling safe in your body allows you to go
deeper into your psyche to heal wounds,
gain clarity, release tension, find peace,
& reconnect with Soul (your healthiest self)....

We begin with a brief check-in /conversation,
then we move on to the sacred ceremony part of the retreat,
& then I invite you to breathe, move, talk, create art, and, above all,
to listen to your body/soul and follow its wisdom.

I see my role as a guide,
because you are the hero, the one who has chosen to embark on this journey,
and you have autonomy and sovereignty here.
So, we follow you
and the wisdom of your nervous system.

You are the healer!

You know your own medicine better than anyone else!

I can't wait to hear from you!

Book a Clarity Call:

Clarity is important. Clarity calms the nervous system.
So, let's begin with a clarity call.
Pick a time that works for you.



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