As a psychedelic chaplain and minister,
I serve as a spiritual companion for people who
are exploring the psychedelic experience
and who are engaging in the work of personal and collective
L  I  B E R A T I O N.

My Philosophy:

Throughout our lives, due to rejection, prolonged stress, or trauma, many of us experience what shamans around the world have called “Soul Loss,” which shows up as symptoms of sadness, fatigue, emptiness, purposelessness, dissociation, and a general feeling that something is “off.”

To heal, we learn to reclaim what was lost or taken from us. Shamans call this “Soul Retrieval.”  I personally call it the process of “wholling” ourselves, or just “WHOLENESS,” because (from my perspective) tobecome whole again, we must recognize, validate, welcome, and integrate every part of the Self, especially the ones that have been exiled/shamed by society. It’s the process of intimacy, being in deep relationship with every part of us.

"Thank you for so exquisitely
encouraging and guiding me
into myself and the divine."
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Yogi, dancer, plant lover


In today’s world, there’s also an epidemic of existential depression, due to the culture having lost touch with the Sacred, that something larger that we can’t put into words but that brings peace to our hearts and that gives us strength and hope for the future.

For healing and wholeness to happen, many of us have to re-connect with that great mystery (which some call God/Goddess, some call Spirit, some call Love, some call The Universe, some call Magic… )  Sacred plant medicines help us to re-connect, to re-establish every broken relationship in our lives, including our relationship with the sacred.

“Do I contradict myself?
Very well then, I contradict myself.
I am large; I contain multitudes.”
Walt Whitman

We do indeed contain multitudes. As children, to deal with the stress and overwhelm of our daily lives, we developed certain patterns of behavior (or sub-personalities) as protective mechanisms.

In order to heal now, we look within to understand each of these subpersonalities; we learn which are healthy, which are not, and which are running our lives.

Each sub-personality (sub) has autonomy; in fact, subs have so much power, they can overpower us.

Each of them also brings its own mood and its own somatics/physiology (you get triggered and your old changes, your heart rate increases, your stomach tightens, your hands get sweaty…) These subpersonalities are so powerful that it often feels like we are “kidnapped” by them; like they kidnap the healthy/more vibrant parts of the Self.

To heal these subpersonalities, we need to understand, befriend, and validate each of them.

The journey of liberation is the process of shining a loving light into each part of us, gently, compassionately.

We shine radiant love onto each of these, as the sun does to each of its children; we don’t change our orbit for them, we simply take our position at the center of our being and shine radiant love for there; and the more we do, the more we grow; our smallness expands and our lives get more expansive as well.

To fully heal and liberate ourselves we must also strengthen and cultivate the healthy SELF (the mature competent self that should be running your life, not the “subs.”)

For this, we do a sacred ceremony where the SELF takes the “throne,” where it gets to embody its sovereignty/autonomy to be able to lead and make decisions, because you are a free sovereign being!!! During this ceremony you get to take the throne and wand to create magic according to your soul’s desires.

In our work, the SELF gets to make decisions moment to moment, in the nano-second. That’s how you rewire your brain and your life.

This sounds easy, but it’s the hardest work you’ll ever do because the ego (these patterns) are so hard to crack. It feels like an uphill battle.

But that’s why I’m here; that’s why this ministry is here, for you to not journey alone; for you to have my support and the support of the plants (as the ancestors did) because healing and wholeness should not be done alone. You deserve this support!

Someone I know calls this process “the civil war within;” it can feel like a tug of war (the subs pulling one way and your soul pulling toward the other), but it doesn’t have to be a battle, it can be a dialogue of grace and dignity, where the SELF intentionally communicates with these patterns/subs to liberate our healthy/higher SELF.


"I was returned to my original goodness.
The lights have been turned on again."
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Joyful one

(limited space)

•  3 months of 1-1 support on your journey
toward healing, wholeness, and liberation.

• Assistance in re-establishing all your relationships
(with your Self, the Sacred, nature,
and other important beings in your life.)

• 3 ceremonies (one per month)

• 6 Coaching/integration Zoom calls

• Customized plant-medicine support

• Essential teachings on finding safety and regulation in the body, breathwork, creating boundaries, IFS (internal family system), etc.



Ancestral/earth-centered healing modalities 

Internal Family System / IFS (to understand the parts of ourselves)

Embodied practices such as dance and breathwork to break the patterns that literally live in the body ( fascia/muscle tone)

Polyvagal theory to support your nervous system

Main concepts of neuroplasticity

Creativity, the Imagination, and Play

Sacred plant medicines allow you to:

meet the divine within,
find inner peace and acceptance
mitigate conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

People describe the experiences as: transcendent, deeply
spiritual, feeling the oneness/the love of the universe.

You are also able to see your patterns clearly
(and how they could be sabotaging your best efforts);
they also increase neurogenesis
(the generation of new neurons or brain cells)
and then you can use these new neurons
to reprogram the brain to think/act in alignment
with our true/healthy SELF.


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