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I offer sacred spaces where you feel heard, seen, understood, validated.

Hi! Saludos

I'm a Psychospiritual Guide

I guide you through your journey of soul liberation; liberation from social conditioning.  

I work with people who want to deepen their spiritual development and include more spirituality into their daily lives

I do that through one-on-one coaching/guidance on how to return home to a regulated nervous system and the healthiest version of yourself.

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I also create safe loving containers for you to:

  • Learn about your nervous system
  • Explore your developmental wounds
  • Learn about the healing power of nature
  • Create sacred rituals to bring balance to your life
  • Reconnect with nature and your own true nature

this is what i call
soul liberation

Why Work with Me:

I offer a psycho-spiritual, nature-centered, and embodied approach to spirituality, healing, and liberation.

I provide magical and safe spaces for your nervous system to feel safe and supported.

I have traveled through every territory of the human psyche: from shame to bliss, from trauma to wholeness.

I’d be honored to be your guide during your journey.



Healing takes time. Change doesn’t happen in one sitting.

That’s why I offer 12-hour sessions that can be divided as we see fit (either once a week for three months, bi-weekly for six months, or during a weekend retreat.)

You deserve to be supported during your journey of healing, wholling, and liberating yourself. That’s what I’m here for.

You and I will co-create a personalized plan that can include spiritual guidance, breathwork, centering, emotional support, psychedelic integration, the creation of healing rituals, etc.

$550 per month

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Please note:

I am not a therapist.

Even though I’ve trained as a minister and as a chaplain, I am not a therapist, and I don’t fulfill that role in anyone’s life.

My work is mostly psycho-spiritual. I spent three years studying divinity in seminary, and I learned about the practices that humans throughout the ages, throughout the world have experienced as sacred. Ultimately I developed my own sense of spirituality; I’m not as concerned with what’s “up there” (heaven) but with what’s “down here” (earth) and “in here” (mind, body, soul).

I also trained and worked as a chaplain and have sat with people at the border, in prisons, and on the streets. In other words, I’ve lived a lot and have seen a lot. 

This is why this works matters so much to me.

This is Your Journey

you are a free sovereign being!

That's the gospel I preach!

Therefore, in our work together I'm the guide on the side.

You'll feel deeply supported, but I give you agency, freedom to lead, to question, to push back...

because you are a free sovereign being!

what is

Psychedelic Integration Guidance?

Sometimes people come to me because they have had mystical experiences that they don’t know how to interpret, put into words, or integrate into their lives.

They have experienced things that they don’t know how to process, and that’s what I do; I can help you process those experiences as a minister who understands the realm of the sacred, the realm of plant medicine, and the realm of the human psyche.

And also, I don’t judge. You are a free sovereign being!

In these conversations we talk about the expansion of consciousness, about transcendental experiences, and about more practical matters too. 

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