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Hi! I’m RevMariela.

I’m SO excited that you’re here!

If you are looking for  guidance / coaching as you embark on the psychedelic journey, you’ve come to the right place!

You’ve probably landed here because you’ve developed an interest in psychedelics and plant medicines, and you want to make sure that you are covering all your bases. That’s good!

Perhaps you are interested in adding coaching to your current micro-dosing protocol. Awesome!

I work with those of you in my community who are thinking about (or preparing for) the psychedelic journey, and who need processing after a session (integration).

I also offer help navigating the changes happening in your life as your psyche goes through the journey of  transformation that psychedelics embark us on. This process can be liberating and rewarding, but it can also be challenging.

You may say: “What is happening to me?” or “Why am I losing all my friends?” 

That’s where I can come in to offer support.

My job is to create spaces (in the form of conversations via Zoom or in person) for you to prepare for a psychedelic journey or for you to integrate what you have learned during or after your psychedelic experience.

I hold sacred space as you learn about yourself, grapple with existential questions, and try to make sense of the profound mystical experiences of psychedelics journeys.

Psychedelics can bring transformation to your psyche (they literally induce neurogenesis and rewire the brain) but the transformation also needs to happen in your body, in your life, in your relationships, in your work, etc.  

I can coach you during that process of transformation.

I can facilitate sessions with individuals but also with couples and groups as well. 

This is part of the process of integrating these teachings into our daily lives; we often feel the need to bring others into our journey so that we can all learn how to be healthy and whole together. 

In addition, I support individuals during the journey commonly known as “ego death,” which can activate feelings of sadness or grief.

what are psychedelics / plant medicine?

These are plants, fungi, and medicines that alter our mood, perception, consciousness, etc. for the purpose of healing, personal development, or spirituality.

Anthropological study shows that entheogens have been used in every region of the world for thousands of years; they were/are used to supplement diverse practices geared towards achieving psychological wellness and transcendence.

why now?

Due to a new wave of scientific research initiated in 2006 by Johns Hopkins University’s Centre for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research, there’s tremendous interest in psychedelics now.

The explosion in media attention has also brought people to these transformational substances.

In addition, the publication of Michael Pollan’s book ‘How to Change your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence’ has introduced millions of people  to psychedelic substances.

Many of these practices are taking place outside of therapeutic settings, so there’s a tremendous need for guidance and integration as many people in our community are immersing themselves in these journeys.

Here’s Michael Pollan explaining most everything that people want to know at the beginning

This work for me began out of necessity, as I encountered people in my community struggling to find guidance.

I had been through a similar process during my own journey of healing and liberation with nature’s help.

I now support others so they won’t feel so alone.

the future

There’s a revolution happening in the field of mental health
due to psychedelics;
and there’s also a revolution of mind-expansion happening, because of psychedelics,
and now the future suddenly looks more promising.

let's find a time to sit & chat

About Me:

I’m a deeply-reverential person. I use the ‘Rev’ in front of my name as in “Reverent Mariela,”  because I have the deepest reverence for life, but I’m also laid-back, non-judgmental, and I like to laugh.

I’m also a curious individual, a seeker, and an explorer who (after trying most western modalities of healing to recover from the damage that white-supremacy caused to my nervous system) encountered these sacred plant medicines that changed my life. 

I was not only healed by them, but I also felt like I had been “restored to my original goodness.” The absolute cherry on top was that they also gave me access to the greatest sense of spirituality I had ever encountered (and I had tasted many spiritualities and religions and even studied divinity for three years in seminary.)

They also helped me feel more connected to my ancestors, to the land, to my community, and to my purpose.

A psychedelic journey can be one of the most sacred experiences of a person’s life.

I am honored to help you prepare for, process, and/or integrate your psychedelic experience/s.


Rev Mariela does not support or condone the use of illegal substances in your jurisdiction.

In many ways, this work is about FREEDOM & liberation

about ancestral medicine that has been kept from us for too long,

about the freedom of human beings to seek alternatives,

about healing and wholling our bruised and broken psyches, ecosystems, and societies.




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