my philosophy

on being human


The seed:

At the moment of your conception
 when your life began on this planet,
a code was imprinted in you.

A DNA code with traits and information
from a wide range of ancestors.

This is ancient wisdom installed in you,
to help you grow, evolve, and survive
and to help our species grow, evolve, and survive.

that seed at the core of
you is your soul

The Soil:

But then you are born
into a certain family
and a certain social circle
and a certain social location
(aka “the Soil”).

And this soil may or may not
be the proper soil for the seed
at the core of you to flourish to its full potential.

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But here’s what I believe:
I think there’s so much magic
in that seed of yours;
there’s beauty
there’s love!

And here’s what I also believe:
– that it’s never too late to create the right conditions
for the flourishing of that seed;
– that to embark on that path
is one of the most meaningful experiences of being human;
(in addition to from creating the right conditions
for other seeds to flourish too.)

I believe that we are the carriers of magic, beauty,
love in our bones.

And I believe that healing, wholing, and freeing ourselves
is how we can bring forth that truth;
the only way we can embody it and “manifest” it into our reality.

In a world that has forgotten the things that matter to the soul,
let us never forget our magic,
our beauty, our love;
the world need these things now more than ever….

as children

we have so much energy
so much aliveness
so much joy!

It's almost ridiculous!


But something happens along the way
a form of withering from within.

Something happens to that seed.

This is what I understand as Soul Loss

what causes soul loss?

Here’s part of what happens.

We are born with these two contradicting needs
pulling us in two different directions:

Authenticity and Attachment.

On one side we want to live  
 according to what feels right and true to us
(to listen to the seed inside which is
propelling you toward growth.)

And on the other side we have this need:
to be loved,
to form attachments,
to belong to a group.

These two things, again, are not only “needs”  
(meaning absolute human necessities)
but they are also driving forces in our lives
(meaning that they drive our decisions and actions.)

"People are born with two needs:
authenticity and attachment.
When authenticity threatens attachment,
attachment trumps authenticity."


-Dr. Gabor Maté

As children, as Dr Gabo Maté explains,
we are often forced to abandon authenticity 
because the need for attachment/belonging/survival
is the strongest driving force at that developmental age;
and it’s only natural to trade authenticity for survival at that age.

But it’s a trauma. It’s a loss!
Some of us feel a grief within us,
and we don’t know 
where it’s coming from.

Soul Loss happens to almost everyone,
to one degree or another. 
And grief is part of that process.

Now, since so much of all this
depends on the soil;  
meaning, it depends on the harm done by society;
 some of us have suffered more soul loss than others.

Some of us were given really harsh soil to begin with
and our soul has suffered a great deal. 

Stages of Psychosocial Development


But there are other ways in which soul loss happens too. 

As human beings we also have these
developmental stages that we must pass successfully
in order for that seed to develop properly.

If the soil does not provide what we need at each developmental stage,
a psychological wound develops.

And with each developmental wound we create a pattern  of protection.
(by pattern I mean a psychological way to deal with stress.)

Each of us have/run these patterns,
and they are not that difficult to identify.

And these patterns are KEY;
 these patterns are what
get in the way of our Seed/Soul.  

So, we’ll be looking at them!

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