my Path to

Authenticity and Self-Realization

by Rev Mariela

Throughout my life, I’ve always had this drive
(by drive I mean this literal energy inside me)
that almost forces me to “better myself,” to grow, to evolve.

It’s like I’m wired like that!
It’s like something written in my DNA code.

I wish I could rewind to where my life’s journey began on this earth,
in an illegal settlement of makeshift homes,
with no shoes, no toys, no books.

I was born as one of the poorest of the poor in Cuba
with a lack of access to knowledge as well as basic resources
and basic human rights.

But my drive was never about the material world;
it was all about the inner world.

I simply wanted to grow
spiritually and psychologically.

I simply wanted to be expansive,
to learn all I could
about different spiritual traditions 
about the brain and the nervous system,
about developmental wounds and psychological patterns,
about evolution and evolutionary psychology.

I learned from black liberation movements
and studied the Jungians (Depth Psychology)
and looked everywhere for wisdom
on how to be the best human we can be.

I also spent three years in seminary
learning about what people from around the world
have said about being human
and about what is “sacred.”

After over 40 years of learning
and applying theses teachings into my life

one day it finally happened:

My ego disappeared in front of my eyes.

I saw reality for the first time
with the eyes of my truest, highest self;
with the eyes of the soul.

And it was the most freeing,
most liberating experience of my life.

I didn’t know what the seeking was about
what I was after my whole life,
but this was it!

Freedom, acceptance, naturalness, flow…
(what living according to your own true nature feels like.)

This is why I teach and coach others on;
this process of bettering ourselves;
this process of liberating ourselves from social conditionings
so we can enhance our lives and the lives of others.

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