Hola. Saludos.

I’m a psychospiritual minister and ceremony facilitator.
I offer safe and sacred containers for one-on-one and group coaching
with the purpose of living in harmony with nature & our own true nature.

My work is wholistic:
it’s about healing our psyches, liberating our souls,
connecting to our bodies, and deepening our spirituality.

I believe that the traumas of our past
continue to live in our bodies and psyches,
and I believe that healing is not only possible,
but it’s also necessary for healing the world.

I believe that we each of us has a purpose, a calling,
a role to play in the new world we are building.

I believe that with intention, we can liberate the
parts of ourselves we had to repress, suppress, depress…

I am here to hold space and guide you during
your process of Soul Liberation. 

"Enlightenment is intimacy with all things." -Zen Master Dogen

In this space, when I talk about ceremony I mean
the intentional practices of connection/intimacy with all things;

I mean: Oneness with nature;
I mean: Intimacy with ourselves
(meaning delving deep into our emotional, psychological regions);
I mean: Deepening our relationship with spirit through Breathwork, guided meditation, and other sacred practices.

Intimacy with Blossoming Flowers

Contemplate the structural intricacies of flowers, the subtle changes in tone...let them pull you in.

a reverent approach

“What kind of minister are you?”

People want to know, and I say:

I’m the kind who is Reverent
not the one who preaches about sin and hell and shame;
I actually think that those teachings are damaging to our humanity
and have caused so much harm in our society!

So, no.
I’m not even the kind of minister who is interested in what’s “up there!” (in “heaven.”)

I care about what’s down here
(Mother Earth, Pachamama, Madre Tierra,
which “is crammed with heaven!!!”)

 I also care about what’s in here
(at the core of our humanity).

It's about

Reverence for life

I’m also an ordained minister in the Unitarian Universalist denomination
after spending three years of seminary and a long process of ordination.

But the title of Reverend is not as important to me anymore;
it denotes “authority,” a title given, but I honestly don’t think
any authority can make you a reverend;
you must become reverent yourself by practicing reverence.

It’s all on how we approach something,
and I choose to approach most things with reverence.

That is at the core of my philosophy. 

How we approach life is everything!

“What you encounter, recognize, or discover
depends to a large degree on the quality of your approach.

Many of the ancient cultures practiced
careful rituals of approach.
An encounter of depth and spirit
was preceded by careful preparation.

When we approach with reverence,
great things decide to approach us.

Our real life comes to the surface and its light
the concealed patience
to enter that embrace."

-John O’Donohue 

So, yes, I’m a very “reverent-like” person,
but I can also be
the most irreverent person that you’ll ever meet.

I’m a multi-passionate person, a lover of life,
and I play many roles in my community:
I write, teach, speak,
and guide/coach people
as they navigate some of the challenges that come with being human,
such as expressing our true selves, and being in relationship with others.


You are a free sovereign being!

If you are an adult human
you have jurisdiction over your life.

You have your own sense of self and sense of style
You are entitled to your own opinions, desires, and longings
You have our own sexual preferences and gender expressions (or lack thereof).

Everything that is you, beloved soul,
and everything that rises from the depth of you is valid and valuable. 

Because you are a human being,
and every single human comes with unique desires, longings, cravings, expressions,
as well as with traumas and pains…

But you were designed to be free,
to have jurisdiction over your own life…
Of course, this society
(which is about control and domination)
wants to tell you what to wear, how to express yourself,
who to love, what to eat;
it’s absolutely ridiculous!

let's get deep

I really want to know what’s deep inside you;
I say that I drown in shallow water. 

Come talk to me if you want depth!

Anyhow, I think it’s the greatest thing ever.

Don’t you think?

That you were designed as a free sovereign being!!!

I wish I had known that on the days when oppression
felt suffocating to my soul;
when I felt I had
to do certain things that were simply soul-sucking to me.

I wish someone had told me this:
that I have jurisdiction over my life and that I can live according to the blueprint at the core of my being.

And that every human has this right.
Other people can have their own ways of being,
their very own opinions, but that’s their jurisdiction;
they doesn’t have to interfere with mine.

… it’s your birthright to be to live according to your own nature.




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