Healing & Wholling our

nervous systems

& our lives

Hello beautiful beautiful being!

My work and my ministry are an invitation
to healing and “wholling” our bruised and battered

I invite you into the possibility of
re-wiring your brain while centering ease & pleasure.

Are you ready to not abandon yourself anymore?

Are you ready for healing and wholling
for freedom and purpose,
for the energy to be able to create
positive change in yourself and in the world?

If so, I’m SO excited for you!

Need Support?


I create custom programs to support people traveling the path of healing and wholeness

I currently work with people online and in-person in Grand Rapids, MI.

I know from experience how challenging
and lonely it can be to travel on this
path of healing and wholling our souls,
of breaking free from social conditioning,
of living according to our own true nature
of honoring our natural rhythms
of embodying our truth.

I want you:


Having lived through this journey myself
and having guided others along this path,
I know that transformation is possible when:

•  when you learn to regulate your nervous system
and you get out of exhaustion,
powerlessness, anxiety...

• when you regain your energy, vitality, and power
in order to make positive change in your life,
as a free sovereign being.

• when you explore your
developmental wounds.

• when you see your survival patterns,
and you choose to stay "out of pattern."

• when you maintain healthy daily rituals that keep you
in alignment with your body, your soul, your intuition....

You deserve to have support on your journey!

Here’s what I believe:

I believe that there’s a seed
 at the core of your being
propelling you
 toward authentic growth.

And I believe that 
the oppressive soil of this society
has kept that seed from developing
according to its true nature.

This can show up in many ways,
affecting the nervous system
as signs of anxiety, depression,
or an overall dissatisfaction in life.

I work with people who want to unearth that seed and create the right conditions for its flourishing.

(via Zoom or in-Person)

Inside these magical “containers” I listen to you with intention (some people say they feel heard for the first time).

In some ways these are sacred loving containers for your soul to come out.

I also offer guidance as needed from various fields, including depth-psychology, spirituality, pleasure-centered philosophies, the most recent interpretation of the autonomic nervous system, and neuroscience to help rewire the brain.

when you and I work together:

• We delve deep into who you truly are.

• We look for developmental wounds .

• We explore your developmental patterns.

• We get you in touch with your core.

• We learn to identify when you "go into pattern."

• We guide you toward working in harmony with your nervous system.

• We get you to embrace pleasure and joy. 




Ancestral Pride


These are some of the rewards of this journey.

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