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Hi! I’m Reverent Mariela (or Mari).

My work weaves together ancestral practices with the most recent understanding of the autonomic nervous system, spirituality, somatic/embodied healing,
breathwork, and creativity/Sacred Play.

This is what I know and live and teach:
Healing & wholeness is Everything!!!

Everything you are seeking
(love, peace, expansion, freedom, connection…)
is on the other side of a healthy nervous system.

When you and I work together we follow the wisdom of your body and center your nervous system.

In our sessions we talk, yes, but we also use breathwork, we move, we incorporate colors, textures, scents, teas,
and other multi-sensory elements to get you to
“come home through the senses.”

These are my Offerings to You. 


Embodied Soul Session.

 I create a safe and sacred container for deep soulful listening, coaching/ mentorship, emotional release, embodiment practices, and other modalities to connect you with Soul. Experience 90 minutes of delicious, embodied healing.


Come Home Through Your Senses.

Sometimes your nervous system needs more time to fully relax, which allows you to go deeper into your psyche to heal wounds, gain clarity, or reconnect with Soul at a deeper level. This is a mini-retreat but also, a real multi-sensory treat!


Soul Liberation for You!

Here’s where the real transformation happens. This is a 3-6 month commitment to your healing and growth that incorporates mini-retreats and other sessions to free your soul, rewire your brain, and transform your life. I’ll mentor you through the journey of Soul Liberation.. 


I charge $150 per hour and can customize the most perfect experience for you.

Let’s chat for details.

Learn about
Learn techniques from neuroscience to

When You and I Work Together You Will:

:: Become intimate with your nervous system and discover how much about your health is rooted in feeling safe in your body.
:: Discover what activates the aliveness within.
:: You will learn how to create exquisite boundaries to protect your sovereignty, your love, your energy, your lifeforce, your joy.
:: You will identify resources that keep you feeling safe as well as  anchors that keep you grounded.
:: You will begin to cultivate an unshakable core of strength, peace, & inner knowing.
:: You will start to experience life with all your senses. 
:: You will come HOME (to the core of you) through your senses.
:: You will learn about nature’s healing powers with plants, herbs, etc.
:: You will learn to welcome the breath of life into your being.
:: You will practice exercises to energize the body and feel your vital life force running through your system.
:: And you will be intentional about cultivating/activating the LOVE in your life, as a devotional practice.

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Clarity is important. Clarity calms the nervous system.
So, let's begin with a clarity call.
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