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Hi! I’m Reverent Mariela (or Mari).

My work weaves together ancestral practices with the most recent understanding of the autonomic nervous system, spirituality, somatic/embodied healing, and breathwork.

I facilitate safe and sacred experiences that feel like rites of passage; these are psychospiritual and somatic (embodied) journeys of healing, self-discovery, and connection to the sacred (which I understand as the Oneness, the Love, the divine feminine.)

People come to me exhausted, weary to the bone from the uphill battle of our inner and outer lives, and they are relieved to find healing & harmony through these sacred ceremonial sessions.

Above all, this work is about reconnection: to self, to community, to nature, to the larger mystery that envelops all of life.


Normally my sessions are in person, and they take more than an hour. 

But this session is shorter; it’s a good session for Integration (for integrating into your life information from previous sessions ) or if you need clarity on an issue or assistance with something that can be discussed within 1 hour.

$ 100
  • Integration
  • Deep Listening
  • Guidance


My regular session last about 2.5 hours and includes psycho-spiritual and somatic/embodied counseling. We work to get your nervous system to a place of safety and rest. Using music, breathwork, and guided meditation, you learn to release the pain (fear, anxiety, trauma…) stored in your body. The session feels like a mix of sacred rest and sacred play. It’s a deeply healing embodied experience.

$ 300
  • PsychoSpiritual Counseling
  • Breathwork
  • Somatic
    Embodied Practices


This is a five-hours ceremony/personal mini-retreat that allows your nervous system to fully relax for you to  go deeper into your psyche to heal wounds, gain clarity, and reconnect with your healthy self and with the sacred mystery.

 During the session you will gain clarity about your life  and will  likely come out feeling better than ever before. It’s a real gift to your whole being.

People say it’s like months of therapy in one session. 

$ 600
  • Ceremony
  • Breathwork
  • Somatic
    Embodied Practices
  • PsychoSpiritual Counseling


Here’s where the real transformation happens. This is a 3-6 month commitment to your healing and growth that incorporates mini-retreats and other sessions to free your soul, rewire your brain, and transform your life. 

Journey with me, and I will mentor you through the journey of Soul Liberation to participate in collective liberation.

Your health, life, and your relationships with every-thing will be transformed.

$ Sliding Scale
  • Monthly Session(s)
  • Integration
  • Ongoing 1:1 Support
Each session is designed
to take you on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and
psychosomatic healing.

It's a restorative magical experience
that leaves you feeling lighter, more clear,
more connected, more grounded ...
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When we work together you :

:: Become intimate with your nervous system and discover how much about your health is rooted in feeling safe in your body.
:: Discover what activates the aliveness within.
:: You will learn how to create exquisite boundaries to protect your sovereignty, your love, your energy, your lifeforce, your joy.
:: You will identify resources that keep you feeling safe as well as  anchors that keep you grounded.
:: You will begin to cultivate an unshakable core of strength, peace, & inner knowing.
:: You will start to experience life with all your senses. 
:: You will come HOME (to the core of you) through your senses.
:: You will learn about nature’s healing powers with plants, herbs, etc.
:: You will learn to welcome the breath of life into your being.
:: You will practice exercises to energize the body and feel your vital life force running through your system.
:: And you will be intentional about cultivating/activating the LOVE in your life, as a devotional practice.

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