Social Justice

…and activism

I believe that social action needs to be done from a strong theological and spiritual place. I’ve experienced that individuals and congregations who are operating from a place of lack (who are not spiritually nourished) have a harder time with social justice. If they are not in a place of abundance from where they can draw compassion from, this work is harder.

Theologically, I believe that life is full of blessings and that Joy is our birthright. As a Religious Naturalist, I believe that creation overflows with beauty (“Earth is crammed with heaven”). However, injustices keep some of us from fully experiencing these blessings.  I also believe that our humanity is bound to the humanity of others; meaning that the maltreatment of other human beings hurts my heart (not feeling heartbreak for the suffering of others says we are not fully connected to our humanity) and therefore, until everyone is free to enjoy these gifts/blessings from life, I cannot be fully free, because my heart will ache from their suffering.

Luckily, one of the many gifts from life is that we have the power to shape change. If we say there’s no love in this world but we go out and love the heck out of this world, now there’s love in this world. Social justice happens when we exercise our freedom to create change, to participate in the creation of a more beautiful world where everyone is free to enjoy the blessings of life.

A big focus for me has been immigration work; from attending and speaking at vigils and protests to going to the border, from giving pastoral care to ICE detainees in detention centers to assisting their families at home. I’m looking for a congregation that is willing to participate in this work.