What is Decolonization?

Decolonization is a political stand to denounce and dismantle the colonialist patriarchal empire and its values: dividing and conquering, the cult of the individual, competition, dominance, urgency, the need to measure and quantify…

Decolonization is...

a commitment to reclaim what was taken and honor what is left

a commitment to the practices that reconnect us to our inner wisdom, to one-another, to the land, to the rhythms of nature…

a commitment to healing our broken world.

How Can We Decolonize?

Through Our Bodies

connecting to our senses, practicing embodiment, eating foods that nourish us, caring for and honoring the wisdom of our bodies…


by reprogramming our psyches, getting rid of the colonial mindset


by claiming liberation from euro-centric dominance and centering our traditions, our wisdom, and the wisdom of our elders and ancestors


by healing the traumas caused by centuries of exploitation and dominance


by being committed to revitalizing our cultural heritage (ex: wearing clothes that honor our culture, speaking our native language when possible)


by reconnecting: to one-another, to the earth, to our inner wisdom, to the ancestors…